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Life has a way of balancing things out, and now I get to...― The thrill of risk and the ecstasy of a big victory make gambling quite a sexy endeavor, while the devastation of a big loss and the destructive addiction it can foster simultaneously make it very ugly.

That dic...― Since it still hasn't quite left theatres yet, everyone's still talking about the latest Star Wars movie.

I know exactly what needs to be done, what you need to keep and what you got to let go of. If you're nice in life, you'r probably going to be nice in the apocalypse.

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Her own foster parents stopped communicating with her after a length of time and Yu-hee's life was filled with unhappiness.

That is until she met Sang-woo Yun (Jo Min-Gi), a man that swept her off of her feet. Soon they had a daughter, but their daughter became sick due to a heart disorder.

I've been enjoying these newer films, because even with some messy storytelling, they're taking some risks with what are ...― Every Monster Hunter fan yearns to convert their friends and loved ones into Monster Hunter fans.

A series renowned for its depth, Monster Hunter's inaccessibility was legendary long before Dark Souls claimed th...― Volume 1 of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order revealed a past for Alita that cast her as a young girl clinging to life on a settled Mars.

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Rin and his friends are back after six years to defend the world from demonic destruction.

When I first tackled the topic in 20...― Otaku de Neet's Walking my Second Path in Life is very reminiscent of Tamora Pierce's beloved young adult fantasy series Song of the Lioness - like Pierce's heroine Alanna, this series stars a young woman who wants to break into the male-dominated field of knighthood.

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