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24-May-2016 05:51

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Steve: It’s unexpected when women send the first message, some of you are still old fashioned that way (as are some my own species.) Maybe we just didn’t like the conversation. Danielle: As long as they don’t light up or have velcro, they’re fine by me. I guess if you can read situations, you’ll be able to navigate a conversation with us. But if you’re asking us out, we want you to pursue us, to plan where we’re going, and yes, to pick up the check on the first date.

Or you asked what I do for a living (we get why that’s important, but be a little more subtle, would you? Actually, I didn’t know that this was a thing that women hate on … We still want you to kill the bugs, open that jar of pickles, and check on the bump in the night we just heard. As for rolling our eyes when you comment on the way other girls are dressed: we compare ourselves to other women all the time — from models, to your ex-girlfriends, to that ridiculously well-dressed woman sitting across from us on the subway.

Danielle: So I’m not sure how many dudes are actually aware of this statistic, but 70% of women can’t get off from penetration alone. And it’s not like we don’t like you in us, because we really do.

So we’re up against that, plus the fact that all vaginas are shaped slightly differently, which means those blockbuster moves that worked with your last partner might not be working for us.

Basically, if we’re not really invested in having a relationship with you, or seeing you again, it’s easier to fake it than have an awkward conversation with you.

If we like you and we’re going to be sleeping together on the regular, it’s still an awkward conversation that we might put off for a little bit. if you don’t appear to be interested in my company, I’m not going to waste my time by even looking at you. But why do we have this wonderful, long, two-day conversation and — when the time comes — we exchange numbers and the first text goes unanswered?

Danielle: True or false: If a guy is interested in taking a girl out on a date, he will ask her out — period. Steve: I don’t know if I’m capable of making that kind of ground-breaking, earth shattering self-evaluation. It could be that the week you gave us your number, we’d been severely disappointed by a few other online dates we actually met up with, and we’re just burned out.

And also, what are some reasons that you guys stop talking to us after we’ve been chatting for a while? We get eye rolls when we admit we like the way a girl was dressed. Danielle: As far as equal pay and gender equality goes, we talk about it because it’s still an issue for us — because we’re still getting paid less than you guys for doing the same work … Being “the man” doesn’t have to mean taking us out to fancy dinners on the regular and footing the bill, though.

Is it just that you’ve come across someone more interesting? Personally, I’m more won over by a date that’s well thought-out and different than some expensive dinner reservation.

"You really begin refining and enriching your life, and gaining career traction so you are where you want to be in your forties."According to Carpenter, this is where work-life balance starts to become the top priority.

Women who want love and family tend to start wondering how they will fit it all in, while still killin' it in their careers.

This class of women, He argues, is a direct product of China’s current period of “primitive accumulation,” or early-stage capitalism, in which economic changes are dramatically transforming social and sexual relationships.

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