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Here, we refine a structural analysis of genomic duplication in rice, investigate the timing of the duplication event, and explore its impact on cereal comparative genomics.We show that the cereals evolved as independent lineages for about two-thirds of the period after the duplication event, and that differential gene loss after cereal divergence may explain many deviations from colinearity.The fractions of “internal trees” associated with each duplication block (Table 1) were compared by using one-way ANOVA for correlated samples and Tukey's honestly significant difference analysis for post-ANOVA comparisons between organisms.A total of 100 bootstrapped Gaussian random samples were used for the analysis, calculated based on estimates of the population mean and variance from the rice duplication block data.The prevalence of ancient polyploidy suggests the need for a three-pronged approach to angiosperm comparative biology, integrating phylogenetic information about the relatedness among taxa with structural information about extant gene arrangements and “phylogenomic” approaches to determine the timing and mitigate the consequences of ancient duplications.-10 with members of The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) rice repeat database. Each duplicated syntenic gene pair was compared to each taxon-specific sequence (using nucleotide databases created by batch NCBI download of taxon IDs indicated in Table 1 for ESTs were provided by Pro Musa (


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Lead author Albert Jambon says this space-metal was worth 10 times a much as gold back in the day.

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