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24-Apr-2016 02:59

She’d stopped in the weeds just past the line where Jacob ran his riding mower, waiting for him, quivering in her eagerness but motionless otherwise, understanding that this too was part of their ritual.

“Wait,” Jacob said: a promise as much as a command.

He’d saved for years to buy it, even before he knew if he’d find the right one: a Colt .45 pistol, still in its original box, with an authentic screwdriver for disassembling.

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Jones’s characters are confronting crossroads in their lives, and truths in themselves—and the moments she finds them in are ragged, tense, and real.“Good girl,” Jacob whispered, bending down on his bad knee to scratch behind her ears, under her chin.She was an ugly animal: face broad and stupid, fur rust-colored and mottled, like granite.She turned when Jacob came outside, storm door clanging behind him, and his hidden hand would have set her on alert with any other human, but she trusted him. He’d turned his face away too many times when Tommy played rough, smacking the dog across the jaw with an empty two-liter bottle, shoving her off the front porch with a steel-toed work boot. It was his, for being too weak to stand up to his own son and tell him right from wrong.

He patted her hide and lowered his voice to an excited whisper. She’d been a good dog to Jacob, a sweet girl, a protector.

Jacob had paid nearly four thousand dollars for it at a gun show in Nashville, a bargain he’d considered too good to be believed. The bullets were in a cardboard box in the back of the safe.