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The wise woman, the druid, the hermit, the wizard, and the shaman all connect to their magical energy in a "group" of one.

With only yourself to rely on, magic becomes an introspective act.

We also carry many handcrafted items magically created in house and from local artists and artisans - besoms, artwork, jewelry, poppets, Books of Shadows, magical decor and much, much more!

N$ 150.00by Ann Gadd Covering 300 everyday habits - from chewing and popping gum to being a workaholic - in a simple, easily accessed A-to-Z format, this book helps explain why people behave the way they do and enables them to move away from negative and destructive habits.

N$ 231.00Kirk White The Road To Deep Personal Transformation You hold in your hands a unique map-a map to the mastery of your own life.

Kirk White, the dean of Cherry Hill Seminary and author of Adept Circle Magick, offers you the tools you'll need to take the next profound step in your journey to your ideal spiritual destination.

N$ 243.00Raymond Buckland Seize control of your destiny with the simple but profound practice of Advanced Candle Magick.

Ray Buckland's first book on candle magick Practical Candleburning Rituals explained the basic techniques of directing positive forces and making things happen.

Commune with nature on your own and form a deeper, stronger connection with the stars, the sun, and the moon.

There was a certain grace and charm of this special maid… So when I waited for my friend to come back to his shop, I started to query around, and ask the staff about this maid…… continue reading »

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– Copertura della contrattazione collettiva (relazioni degli studenti) 22 Nov. Il Corso vuole fornire un inquadramento delle linee epistemologiche e delle principali correnti teoriche dell’antropologia, con particolare riferimento all’antropologia medica e dello sviluppo.… continue reading »

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The key is to share your needs and fears with your partners, and be honest about your intentions and behavior.… continue reading »

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The couple, who shares sons Archie and Abel, separated in 2012 and finalized the divorce in 2016. Their off-screen romance is adorable now, but it didn't start that way.… continue reading »

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